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How To get long in the bed

This is the actual problem that every young couple thinking about that how long S/he will carry on bed and make his of her partner happy. Many of the people using blue pills that effective too. Viagra , Cialis, Livitra are some medicine that people use take it for long time sex.

So lets catch the problem first.

1- Finishing too quickly :  As I receiving so many quires that guys are finish so quickly in the bed and her partner blame him that you are impotent. So do not worry I am here who will give you the genuine solution for your problem.

Finish quick solution : For a while my technique for combating premature ejaculation was to think of one of my friend – particular beardy, hariy friend  standing in his underpants. Unfortunately , Employing this technique would often take the joy out of sex  so I began using a different method – practicing my time table.

I do not do this loud as I hear mathematics is considered a turn off , but rather I simply go through them in my head when I feel as  though I am swiftly coming to a conclusion without having satisfied my significant other. I’ll count upwords in 7s, “7 14 21 28 35 42 49” and get so on and so forth , until I am not as aroused as I was previously and I can continue about my business. When I get past 105 , however I find that I starts to get  past 105 , however I find that it starts to get tricky and that I’ll become  too focused on multiplying 7 with others numbers to concentrate on the sex . That ‘s when I ll move on to number 8.

A Malfunctioning Penis 

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Aside from the obvious pharmaceutical treatments that are offered to men with erectile dysfunction  , that only advice that can really be given to those who are suffering with a bout of floppy wang syndrome is to apologies to your partner , courteously part ways and then fall to your knees and pray that she does not tell anyone else about it. Which she definitely will , because life is cruel . The thing to remember about erectile dysfunction is that it is typically caused by a lack of self belief , so in order to get past it you must become at peace with your penis. Rather than worrying about weather or not your next sexual encounter will end with you desperately flopping your timid member around her groin area , instead believe that you will embark upon a Rocky Balboa esque comeback , complete with a training montage in which your nob triumphantly scales a set of stones steps.

Lack Of Confidence    

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Many men mistake being confident with being a pervert , wandering around clubs with their hands outstretched hoping that their palms will eventually land on any breast or buttock that has the misfortune of wondering into their path. You may think that because you do not wear your dick on your sleeve that you have little change of being considered a sexually viable partner , but fear not .There is still market for the quietly confident man, the man who does not try to combat his crippling lack of self esteem by pinching the areas of strange women as they stand out obviously at the bar.

Boring Sex : As you can not have sex with yourself it is difficult to know wheather or not you are rubbish at it, with the only way to really learn of the quality of your performance being to stare in the eyes of your partner. If she has the dead eyed and loveless , stoic expression of a waxwork model then its safe to assume that your are not quite rocking her world , so you arew therefore put in the fact that you might be bit boring sex.

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So How do you stop being so bloudy dull.The solution that cosmo would likely offer you at this point would befor you to ask your partner what you are doing , but who is their right mind is going to do that. Instaed you best bet is so simply keep turning it up a notch spend more time on foreplay wear crotchless leather chaps etc until she;s screaming so loud that buddhist monk living in the mountain of Tibet turn to each other and ask “what the fuck was that nosie”