Firstly: Before beginning or changing any prescription medication regimen, always consult your doctor or pharmacist or other health care professional. The following information is NOT a substitute for information provided by those health care professionals and should be viewed as me sharing what I know on the subject.

Oxycodone and Tramadol are both what are considered “prn” or “as needed” opiate/opioid pain medications. Oxycodone,m is way stronger than Tramadol and is used for moderately severe to severe acute/breakthrough pain. Tramadol, being considerably weaker (yet having a unique mechanism of action) is used for mild to moderate acute/breakthrough pain. While they can be used together, a more common practice in the lain management community is to prescribe a long acting pain medication for round-the-clock pain (if such pain is present) and a medication for the pain spikes throughout the day “breakthrough pain.” Remember to always follow the directions set by the prescriber and again, this is information is not a substitute for information received by your doctor or pharmacist. Always consult one of them prior to starting/changing any prescription drug regimen.