US and UK doctors were recently “nudged” to try and lower their antibiotic prescribing habits. In the US there was a 5% reduction and in the UK a 3.3% reduction. Don’t they sound like ridiculously low numbers to you? They certainly do to me. However, I did not see any discussion about how miserably the study failed or that the money for the study would have been better spent on teaching doctors about alternatives to antibiotics.
But that’s never going to happen. You see, doctors just know drugs, they don’t know anything about natural alternatives. In fact, they have been warned against alternatives and taught to fear them. So, alternatives are never going to be an option. As I’ve always said, if you want to stay away from drugs you have to do your own homework and come up with alternatives yourself. I’ve made that easier for you with all my free health information and my books, particularly Future Health Now Encyclopedia. And now I’m working with a team to make a Dean Health App.
I sent out a request a few blogs ago to see who wanted a Dean Health App. We worked out the kinks in the Survey and I’m asking for as many people as possible to fill out the Survey so my team can set some guidelines for the App. If you already filled it out successfully, there is no need to do it again.
Yes, I’m aware that walking around all day with a phone glued to your ear and eyeballs is not particularly healthy, but it’s very much like the doctors being stuck on drugs – young people are stuck on their tech and they aren’t going to change. What I do know is that my 5 Completement Formulas are built for the changing environment and are your best insurance.
Click on and click through my Dean Health App Survey and we’ll do all the rest.