By Dr.Drew white

Yes! Yes! Yes! This drug is worst than any other you will ever take if not taken properly. I took Tramadol for many years and began taking more and more thinking nothing would happen. I found myself with some of the worst withdrawals I have ever faced and I went through lots of opoid DTs in my life. I hit rock bottom and was overdosing on them causing me to have seizures and making me uncontrollably twitch and jump in my sleep. The symptoms I faced when I tried to stop was like none other!! I could not even function, I would lay in bed all day feeling like I was losing my mind!! Please believe me when I tell you this little “weak” drug they tell you won’t hurt you will ruin your life if you’re not careful. If I had my leg cut off and the only way to stop the pain was Tramadol I would just have to hurt!! I won’t ever take another one for as long as I live!!!