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Medicines for your health

Butalbital With Codeine FAQ

Butalbital with codeine Faq : Here are a lot of different variations of barbiturate, the most known one being Butalbital-Acetaminophen-Caffeine-Codeine and without Codeine. Here are some frequently asked questions related to butalbital with Codeine. Question: What are the possible side effects… Continue Reading →

Highway of My Digestive system

Your digestive tract is your Highway of Life. If you don’t understand how to drive on this highway, you may have a fatal crash or at least a long, bumpy, painful ride. So put yourself in the driver’s seat and… Continue Reading →

Blue Pill addiction and Abuse

Viagra addiction and Abuse : Viagra addiction and abuse in the subject of this special report by Siobhan Morse , The executive director of the National Institute for Holistic addiction Studies. What is Viagra : Viagra relaxes muscles and increase blood… Continue Reading →

Fight Migraines : Use Butalbital for quick relief

Fioricet may be a pain reliever accustomed treat headaches like tension headaches, contraction headaches and post-dural puncture headaches. it’s a mixture of Phenaphen (or paracetamol), butalbital, and caffein. Fioricet’s 3 elements square measure the subsequent. Phenaphen may be a pain… Continue Reading →

Tramadol : A perfect Substitute of Morphine

Tramadol may be a pain reliever that is extremely wont to treat moderate to severe pain. There area unit as several as many pains that may be mitigated by the employment of tramadol. Moreover, there also are several malady that… Continue Reading →

Fioricet Uses and side effects

Fioricet and Esgic are brand names of a combination of butalbital (a barbiturate), acetaminophen and caffeine which indicated for the treatment of tension headaches, muscle contraction headaches and post-dural puncture headaches. Although not indicated, they are commonly used to treat migraines… Continue Reading →

What are the Effects of Tramadol

Tramadol Effects : Like heroine , morphine and other opioid drugs , Tramadol work by binding to the body’s opiate receptors, highly concentrated areas of the brain that control pain and emotions. When the opiate drug binds to these receptors , they… Continue Reading →

Is oxycodone stronger than tramadol? Can they be used simultaneously?

Firstly: Before beginning or changing any prescription medication regimen, always consult your doctor or pharmacist or other health care professional. The following information is NOT a substitute for information provided by those health care professionals and should be viewed as… Continue Reading →

Good Medicine: Do As Much Nothing As Possible

Medicine is undergoing an existential crisis today. Its core value proposition – to help and not hurt – is failing to manifest. Patients are suffering. Doctors are suffering. The only exuberant party on the battlefield against disease is the pharmaceutical… Continue Reading →

What is the effects of Viagra

Effect of Viagra  Although developing an addiction to Viagra is highly unlikely , in many cases young men who do not actually suffer from erectile dysfunction take the drug recreationally in order to enhance sexual performance. When Viagra is used… Continue Reading →

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